Tracing the Roots Vestival

[Past event] – Tracing The Roots

‘Tracing The Roots’ featuring Supertonic Orchiestra and Orkiestra sw. Mikolaja (Eng. The Saint Nicholas Orchestra)!

Tracing The Roots is the 1st edition of a new ethno, folk-jazz and traditional music festival in Dublin.

1st of October the special night where you can enjoy both great gigs in one place! All of this co-sponsored by Beaky Dargus.

WIN: All adults have a chance to win a Box of Beaky Dargus beers.


Orkiestra sw. Mikolaja (Eng. The Saint Nicholas Orchestra)

The Saint Nicholas Orchestra came into existence in 1988. Since then we have focused our activities on everything associated with folklore, especially whatever has been condemned to be forgotten, and yet can inspire and enrich contemporary culture.

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Supertonic Orchiestra

SuperTonic Orchestra is a band performing TRADITIONAL POLISH FOLK MUSIC with elements of klezmer, jazz and balkan music style.

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