Beaky Dargus

About Beaky Dargus

The Beaky Dargus

Rostro Duo-Curis[Latin]; Dziób Nielotny [Polish]
Was a flightless, semi-aquatic, biped monotreme recorded in various parts of the Northern Hemisphere, such as Poland, Ireland and the Orkney Islands.

Measuring 1-2 metres in height, it was characterized by a round body, strong legs and a neck with a small head which had a prominent, down-curved beak. It inhabited rocky, woodland areas although Polish archives suggest it was semi-domesticated by landowners who relished its ability to mimic the human voice and perform in the circus.

The last recorded sighting of the Beaky Dargus was in West Wicklow, Ireland, in 1547.

Illustration Roisin Blade


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