Beaky Dargus


Beaky Dargus is a small Irish brewery in co. Wicklow with mixing Irish and Polish passion for craft beer. A new of its kind, sui generis beer with a very simple story.

It started with Dariusz Stepien. He felt that standard “big brand” beers are boring. For him the new craft beer revolution was a light in the tunnel. Dariusz enjoyed all various new craft beers. Whenever he saw a new one he had to try it. Deep inside he felt like he can do it even better.

All this led to him brewing his own flavours. He experimented with the recipes and got very positive feedback from people who tried his produce. Finally in 2015 Dariusz thought of brewing on bigger scale. At the same time Angus Craigie from Craigies Cider joined the venture. They converted Angus’ garage into a microbrewery and built all the necessary apparatus for the job themselves.

Here Dariusz’s mechanical and welding experience combined with Angus’ technical wizardry came handy. All that work led to brew their first batch –  Black Big Juggler Stout –  in February 2016.

In 2016 Vix Lewandowski joined them. His long brewing experience, original approach to beer styles and intriguing receipes were met with open arms. new independent and peculiar flavours was met with open arms.

We all deserve to turn our dreams into reality. See how Beaky Dargus guys did it and try to follow your passion. 

While you’re on it try our beer. See how well dreams can taste.